Dett Peyskens

Dett Peyskens is an artist, who is busy in many fields: she is a musician, singer, composer, actor and fine artist. In the beginning, she worked intensively with and for children. Her playful approach still appears in many of her artistic works. As a singer, she was part of the pop group Pas de deux. After Pas de deux, she followed her own way as a composer, mostly in the context of dance and theatre performances, in which she often appeared herself. Since a couple of years, she shows her works in exhibitions, recently in the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels KVS (“Tussen de plooien”, Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg) and also at OPEK in Leuven. Dett lives and works in Brussels.

Dett folds used papers such as newspapers, tickets and chocolate paper. Everything not attracting our daily attention is used as raw material in her folded art works. This results in surprising combinations, sometimes simply aesthetic through their colours and graphics, sometimes because they display a mix of information about politics, culture, economy and advertising. Dett’s folded works draw lines through rooms and highlight and comment on the architecture. Her works are playful but modest interventions corresponding with the surrounding rooms, a nod and a wink that prompts you to see things differently, may be only for a short moment.

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