Burchard Vossmann

Burchard Vossmann, born in 1954 in Garrel (Oldenburg), Germany, lives and works in Berlin since 1982. As a graphic design, he graduated in from the University of Applied Sciences in Hildesheim and has a long-term experience in working for labels and brands, which made him reflecting on the material side of consumer goods. He contributed to several exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

In order to compose his “material images” (Materialbilder) and collages, Burchard often uses things, which others have thrown away. In the 1990s, his “City Walks” led him to several metropolitans in Europe, Asia and North America, where he collected the left-overs of consumer goods such as cigarettes’ and match boxes, tickets and wrapping papers of sweets, ice cream etc. Since then, Burchard extended his search to the internet in order to find disappearing mass products such as used bills, old stamps etc. in sufficiently high numbers. He uses these materials to compose different groups of works. A key group of these, Burchard calls “Shred Art”, for which large amounts of similar single pieces such as stamps are put into a shredder in order to have them cut them into fine stripes. Thereafter, these are put together to graphical, strictly vertically or horizontally arranged structures. The similarity with the initial material creates an overall impression, which interacts with surprising recognition and remembering, and leaves the viewer with an irritating perception.


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